Triple Retrograde

This week sees not one but three major planets shift into retrograde motion starting a period of deep review. The first of this triple retrograde is with the task master planet Saturn which switched in to retrograde motion yesterday until September 29th this year. The second is Venus in the sign of Gemini, tomorrow May 13th until June 25th 2020. Lastly will be Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion in Capricorn on May the 14th.

May is going to be a powerhouse month, and with Pluto already retrograde as of April 25th. There will beĀ four planets retrograding by the end of the month.

What does this all mean?

Well if you’re familiar with the more frequent transits of Mercury retrograde you will know that this can be a time to slow down, review our actions, and assess whether what we are creating is built on a strong foundation.

In the case of Saturn in Capricorn this can centre around areas of career, business and the government. In light of the situation that has been unfolding for much of the year it is no surprise that Saturn is going to provide us with a real opportunity to rebuild our life from the ground up. The projects, work, and things we create at this time have the potential to last a lifetime.

Saturn is also the planet of karma, so don’t be shocked if people or experiences from the past remerge right now to see whether we have learnt our lessons.

Revise, Rework and review. Retrogrades are all about slowing down.

Venus retrograde will be connecting us with our inner world, and our truth about love, intimacy and the more feminine side of life. It is not an ideal time to undergo radical makeovers, or commit to new relationships simply because our perception might shift after this period. That being said it could be a wonderful time of surprises and magic when it comes to relating. Open yourself up to be surprised.

Being in the sign of Gemini there could be a strong chance that karmic soul mates and twin flames will come back into our lives with more layers to be worked through. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all, but it also has an air of communication. Perhaps there are some things from the past that are still unsaid that will need to be expressed at this time. Either way we are likely to come out of this period feeling much clearer about our direction in areas surrounding romance, and abundance.

Jupiter the magnifier planet is making it’s annual retrograde on Thursday until September 12th this year. For me, Jupiter retrograde opens up an opportunity to review the direction our life is taking us, and perhaps determine what needs to change. In Capricorn this can centre around areas of work, career, and outer worldly success, as well as the more higher learning, adventurous spiritual qualities of Jupiter.

For me it feels as if there are many doors opening for me right now. It will be interesting to see what has really landed by the time we are out the other side of Summer. Although right now it all feels exciting (22:22pm on the clock as I write this). It feels as if I am closer to my truth than I have ever been, so if this opportunity to slow down and get really clear on the direction I want to take for the second half of the year in terms of my own spiritual growth, career, money and romance.

G x

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  • I am fond of astrology and often read my horoscope at I agree with you that the retrograde period is the best time that the universe gives us to work on mistakes. Time to think about some past situations that you would like to change and correct what you think has been violated.

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