Lunar Nodes Shift 2020

Yesterday, May 5th, marked the start of a new 18 month cycle of the Lunar Nodes shifting from the signs of Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius.

The nodes of the moon are two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. Which ever signs the Lunar Nodes fall in indicates what signs the Eclipses will take place in for that period. They change signs nearly every two years.

We are nearly wrapping up the end of the Cancer and Capricorn cycle. This period has had the collective, and the individual re-structure of the foundations of our lives in areas surrounding work and home. Archetypes of the father and the mother, masculine and feminine.

Where we have maybe been too far in one direction, life and our experiences will help to shift the scales back into balance.

These changes are still unravelling, and the final Eclipses in these signs will take us up until July 2020. However change is on the horizon with this transit into the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis.

The South Node represents where we have come through, and our lessons of the past. It is often the area that is incredibly familiar to us, where we hold the most conditioning. And the area we need to move away from in this lifetime. Depending on where your South Node sits in your chart can give you an indication of what skills you came into this life with.

The North Node in astrology represents your mission in this life time. It is the direction your soul would like you to go. Also perhaps what you’re here to create in terms of work and service. Depending where the North Node sits in your chart will indicate how this energy will be expressed.

This is a period where spirituality will hit the mainstream. Where truth will be shared with the masses.

What is significant for me about this particular transit is that it I am about to have my Nodal return. In other words as we shift into North Node Gemini, my own Lunar Node in Gemini is aligning up with the Eclipse window for the next 18 months. A bit like having an astrological anniversary, our Lunar return can bring a lot to the surface. In the case of the Lunar nodes it is bringing up themes around our future, and our destiny.

It feels as if this energy has been coming up the surface for a couple of weeks now. There is so much shifting and changing right now, it is hard for me to keep on top of the direction I am moving. A lot if falling away, and a lot of new doors are opening.

As a collective we are all going to be sharing experiences with topics around communication and truth.

Lots will be coming to light, lots of changes to the way we have always done things. Gemini is one of the most sociable energies, all about community rather than goals of the self. It’s about following our curiosity, going on adventures, teaching, writing, and sharing of wisdom combined with deep listening. It can be a time of juggling many different projects rather than one thing.

The South Node in Sagittarius is all about the search of absolute truth. Many Sag South Node people were nomads, monks, priests and religious leaders in past lives. Those who sacrificed their human experience in search for something greater. They have not spent many lifetimes with people, out in civilisation. But spent much of their time alone, wandering and exploring the world for meaning. Because of this their freedom tapes can be really strong. Freedom has to be a top priority for these people, but freedom at what price? Often this freedom can lead to isolation and solitude. They have to continuously let go, to go off in search of their next adventure. Unfortunately no matter what they try, they are always going to have to come back from their mountain top. A returning to the marketplace again.

In this life Gemini North Node is learning about humanity and relationships for the first time.

It can feel particularly foreign and strange to navigate relationship dynamics. Where a Gemini North Node is true to their word, others might be deceiving. Where a Gemini North Node might have some insights or truth to share for someone, it is how they deliver this truth is of upmost importance. Clear Communication is the most important ally, to prevent many misunderstandings in this lifetime.

Gemini North Node people are learning to use logic over blind faith and intuition.

Everything must be decided based on facts. North Node Gemini are often fighting for a cause. This can become a distraction that keeps them apart from regular day to day interactions. This is the life to relate openly and honestly, to build relationships built from sharing vulnerability, and integrity.

It will be interesting to see how this transit plays out on a Global scale. I expect to see more people speaking up for what they believe in. For more movements and communities to form in light of all the changes that will be happening in the Collective, as older systems and infrastructures start to fall away. I imagine more soul tribes will be formed, with people connecting over their vision for a new and better world. It will be an awesome time for collaboration for the greater good of humanity. All topics, as a Gemini in North Node, that gets me really excited. Unlike Saturn return which can feel really heavy, I anticipate the Nodal return to feel like one big graduation. It’s the Universe’s way of reminding me whether I am in alignment with my purpose. And if not, how can I step up and forward to bring things into alignment.

G x

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