Love as Acceptance

I have been pondering this concept of love as acceptance for a number of months now, following a heart felt conversation with my Mum right before her 60th birthday earlier this year.

For my family, the changes they have witnessed in me the last few years has not been easy for them to accept. In many ways I have turned my back on my old life, seeking out a path of knowledge and mysticism. If I was residing in the foothills of the Himalayas this might not be such an issue, but in the heart of the world, in London it is deemed as madness to many.

The hardest part on this journey of self-realisation is who you have to leave behind. Not so much for myself, as I realised along time ago that the identity I had created, the identity we all create, is only but an illusion anyway. No the toughest part of the journey is for those who cannot join you. For those who do not understand.

For whatever reason a lot of Starseeds and Wayshowers have chosen to incarnate in families who are completely asleep. I imagine this is so we can immerse in the full spectrum of this human experience before the time comes for us to awaken from our slumber.

There are many pros to having a family who are for the most part living in 3D reality.

It has meant that they encouraged me to explore the matrix in its entirety from pursuing higher education, to focusing on career; skills of which will no doubt be of value whatever I decide to continue focusing on in life.

However as many of you will recognise, once you awaken, the things that used to interest you become pale in comparison to learning more about the what this life is really all about, at least that is my experience.

Ultimately I feel we are all here to follow our bliss. What that means to us personally will be different for each and everyone. There are no two people on this planet who are exactly the same. In many ways that is the beauty of it. That there is so much to learn, so much to explore and experience from one another.

I know for example that I am an Old Soul. Over the years I have realised that I have a very different outlook on life compared to many of my peers. For me the only thing that really sets my soul on fire is the thought of living in a loving world, one of unity, peace and joy. I have no idea why I care so much about this vision, but I do. Today, the thought of working a 9-5pm, saving for a mortgage has all but lost it’s appeal.

An acquaintance said to me recently, ahh but you don’t like money Gabriella. And that really isn’t true. I just have no desire to be a slave to money. And by slave I mean doing things that involve a bartering with my soul. What I am working towards is a transcending of the system, or an opening to the flow of the Universe. And my journey to get there has involved a lot of bumps along the way.

I am learning that it all starts from within. Whatever I envision for this world can be made possible because of my thought alone. This is how all of creation starts.

Everything that you see around you in this physical reality started out as someone’s thought. I’m learning that I need to take my vision, and ideas and build a team around me to help take care of the parts that do not come naturally to me. Namely in areas of business and finance. And it is not for the want of trying. I have made some huge mistakes and some big losses by attempting these things on my own.

Maybe my gifts are not entirely suited to this 3D matrix, and that’s absolutely fine with me. I am not here to fit into the old system, I am here to help create a new one. A friend of mine said recently that it is a bit like I have come back from the future to the 14th Century with ideas of creating the internet. Some people are just not going to get it, and that’s okay too.

I doesn’t hurt me if people don’t understand me, I know my truth and that’s fine with me.

What hurts me is if they do not accept me. Acceptance for me is love, and it has been very painful at times to have many of my family members struggle to accept who I am in my authenticity.

That’s the hardest part of this journey. Who you are becoming, is who you actually are, and to be rejected for that is tough at times. Because it is not a pretence, it is the most genuine and real part of me. And the fact there is not anything I can do to make some people see what I see, and how I perceive the world to be.

We all have our own journey and different timelines to get there. And ultimately acceptance will come eventually. This is inevitable. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it, as in the case with my Mum. Or maybe it will arrive at the end of your lifetime. Perhaps it will come when you reach the top of your mountain, as only then will others see what you have accomplished.

When my Mum finally told me she accepted me, it was if trumpets went off in the heavens. Perhaps that is all a child ever wants from their parents. Wanting to be accepted for who we are, and what we are here for. Instead of being scolded, or told to do this or that, or shaped and moulded into their own ideals.

Imagine a world where are allowed to be who we are from the moment we arrive.

Wouldn’t life be so different for many of us, if our gifts were nurtured from the beginning.

I feel that is through my Mum’s acceptance that I am finally able to accept myself, and through that acceptance I am truly able to love myself, and in turn love others. I don’t know if self love can come until this moment. Maybe for some it has to. It was only through receiving my Mum’s acceptance that I realised I needed it. I would have told myself I didn’t prior.

What if the whole world is really only inhabited by children simply wanting to be accepted. And that this is what love is really all about. Love as acceptance. And though many of us may never get it from all of our family, we can be grateful that there are other souls we meet along the way that remind us so beautifully that we are enough just as we are.

G x

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