May these words reach you all in your hearts. These words have taken years to write. Long forgotten in the depths of my waters, reawakened by a stirring of truth for who I am, and who I came here to be. I am on a mission, to help create a new world order. A movement of Unity and inclusivity. A community to support one another to live at our potential.

This movement is not a business, it is open for anyone to join no matter your beliefs, age, race, or sexual orientation. This movement is a support system, to help unlock your gifts, and reason for being.

We have all come to earth with a mission, and despite us all having our own timeline, the mission is ultimately the same. The mission is love. We’re here in these meat suits to remember this truth, to remember that we are all interconnected. We are all one!

And because we are all one, it is all of our individual, and yet collective effort to create the change we want to see in the world.

“Let us work together for unity and love.” Mahatma Gandhi

How do we do this you ask?

By living authentically. By owning all aspects of who we are, and who we came here to be, before they told us to hide ourselves away, to dampen our shine. To keep our essence in the shadows.

I have been doing some research into archetypes and came across this wonderful study by the Good Life Project which provides an assessment to determine your primary ‘Sparketype’. I highly recommend taking the test, but only if you are ready to answer honestly.

What came up for me ringed so true. I’d forgotten in recent years that we’re not one dimensional. Although I am a healer, and a giver, this is only one aspect of me. I have learned the hard way that I cannot, and am not here to only offer up this part of myself to the world. There is so much more that would like to be born. This assessment was a wake up call to the other parts of me that I have forgotten to nurture. The more feminine aspects of me, that are here to serve in a much bigger way than my healer archetype ever can.

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” Marianne Williamson

What struck me from this experiment is that there appears to be a scale, or pattern between all people. There are those who wish to create for creations sake, and those who are here to serve or nurture others in some way. I am most definitely situated in the latter group, not here for much else to be honest with you. I am here for these times, and it’s wonderful to finally remember this truth again.

We all have gifts, talents, and skills that we are here to share with the world. The question is whether we are ready, or aware of this fact. It might take another couple of life cycles for this to awaken within you, and that is perfectly fine. I am not expecting everyone to resonate with what I am saying, I know that no matter what It is bound to spiral around to you again at the right time. Such is the nature of life!

It’s time to reunite with one another again, to focus on what we’d like to create in this new world. It is time to rewaken to our sovereignty.

What do you want this world to look like? What ideas, gifts, investments, creations are you wanting to birth right now? Do you have a mission but are not sure where to start, or who to talk with?

Why don’t we all join forces, and rebuild community from the ground up. To come together to celebrate greatness, to nurture the seed of the future, to utilise our uniqueness to birth a new world.

We all have so much to offer. Maybe it’s financial resource, or creative ideas, design, counsel, or business acumen. Perhaps you’re a scientist, or land owner, or technology junkie. Maybe you’re none, and all of these things. Either way you are all welcome. Let’s co-create something magical together.

Let’s give back to the needy, so that one day they can do the same in return. Why don’t we redistribute wealth, and this doesn’t have to be monetary. We can all individually feel wealthy in so many ways.

I am so much more than I give myself credit for:

  • I am a messenger of God
  • I am an Oracle
  • I am a Visionary
  • I am an Advocate
  • I am a Sage
  • I am a Lover
  • I am a Warrior
  • I am a Healer
  • I am a Humanitarian

Who are you? Who would you like to be? Do you know that’s who you are already?

What can I bring to this movement?

Creative vision and spiritual guidance. These are the things that light me up. This is what I’d love to provide to anyone who would like to join.

What do I want to create?

  • I want to change the nightlife industry here in the UK
  • Launch my very own international festival
  • To help end homelessness and poverty around the world
  • To write a book, and run my own retreats

I am sure you’ll agree these are no easy tasks. We have to start somewhere right. We have to begin from where we stand. I know that the money, and resource, and the team will come because it is our divine birth right to have everything we need in life to fulfil all that our heart desires.

This movement is about sharing our gifts, opening ourselves up to both give and receive.

How can I support you, and how can you support me? This is the future of New Earth!

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
J.K. Rowling

Who is with me?

G x

I’d like to finish this post with a final thought from the guiding words of Bhagawan.

What is the best way to use the talent we have?
We must transform the divine power latent in you into skill, for undertaking any useful activity. When knowledge is converted into skill, you acquire balance in life. In such a state of equanimity, you will develop insight. Ennobled with such an insight and divine power, you should undertake a noble activity. Only then it will be most fruitful and beneficial to everyone. Always undertake noble activities with a pure mind. Unity brings purity, and purity in turn leads to Divinity. You should never forget the inseparable relationship between unity, purity, and Divinity, and always strive to achieve that. You must all come together and work together in the spirit of sacrifice. Spirituality is not a business activity. Spirituality is divine. Spirituality is associated with unity. This unity in diversity alone will bring you happiness. I wish that you cultivate that principle of unity. Then, every activity undertaken by you will acquire its due value and sanctity!
– *Divine Discourse, Jan 1, 2003*
Practice the noble qualities of purity, patience and perseverance.  You are verily God. – BABA

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