Eating Intuitively

For the last three years I have mainly been eating a plant based diet. I say mainly because it is not as cut and dry as that. I have realised that what works for me best is to eat in tune with what my body is telling me it needs. By eating intuitively I am learning that there is not a one size fits all approach to food. Everything from our mental state, emotions and experience can have an impact on what we need to eat at any given time.

There is no denying that science attests to the benefits of eating a vegetarian or vegan diet. They have been linked to multiple health benefits and a lower risk of excess weight, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.

Fruit and plants have what we call a vital life force energy, whereas meat and dairy don’t.

Meat or fish is dead flesh so it has very little life force. What it does lack in energy, it does provide in vitamins like Heme Iron, B12, Creatine, D3 and in the case of fish Omega 3 which can’t easily be found in plants.

It appears that taking supplements is really the only sure fire way of getting a fully balanced mix of all the vitamins you need for optimum brain and body function.

Over the last year I have witnessed more and more Vegan Influencers switch from being an advocate for a plant based only diet, to admitting they now eat eggs or fish, or sometimes even red meat if they feel the need.

I have also felt the need to eat meat a couple of times in this three year period, not coincidentally right before I was due on my menstrual cycle, indicating a need for increased iron before my bleed. For me it was a no brainer. My intuition told me that’s what it needed in that moment, and when my bleed arrived the next day I started to connect the dots between this craving.

Some people thrive on a diet of purely plants.

I’m not suggesting that everyone will feel this way on a plant based diet. I know some people who are die hard fruitarians, and others who have been living plant based all their lives. For me there is a higher intelligence that is at work when it comes to our health and what we consume. Our body knows what it needs, and it gives us signals. If we’re missing something it will give us that nudge in the right direction. Who am I to argue with my intuition.

I choose not to eat meat because of the needless suffering caused to animals. I have campaigned for this, raising money for the Veganuary charity last year. To some I may look like a hypocrite writing this post, however my views on animal cruelty and the meat industry still stand. If doing my bit is having a diet of 95% plants then I am comfortable with eating intuitively.

If we all ate in a more intuitive way, how would the world change?

I think we’d quickly put a stop to the massacre that is the meat and dairy industry. If we all took the mindset that unless we can kill an animal with our own hands, then we shouldn’t be in a position to eat one every single day.

I’m not against farming, I think if reared and raised in a loving and sustainable way, livestock can serve a purpose to those who need it. What I am against is the brutality that many farmers are able to get away with.

Why is there not a policy in place to monitor their mental health? Why don’t we manage animal welfare in the same way we do with children or the homeless?

The things I have seen at the hands of farmers are forever etched in my mind. For that reason alone I could never go back to eating a mainly meat based diet, but what I will not do is sacrifice my own health in the process.

It has been an interesting journey this last few years, seeing the rise of Vegan food across the nation. KFC released their first Vegan burger recently. For me it’s a double edged sword. It’s great that Veganism is becoming mainstream, and embedding in people’s perception, but from a health point of view I think we need to be careful.

Processed vegan is not necessarily ‘healthy’ vegan. Mock Duck, Chick’n, Seitan, Tempeh and Tofu are all examples of genetically modified foods that are sweeping the market. This is a very clever move by many of the food giants, but again what concerns me is the impact it has on our health.

If in doubt I think always opt for non-GMO organic food is the way to go. Either way, certainly don’t knock the power of plants.

New Year New Me Eating Intuitively

I decided to have a bit of new year’s detox as my diet slipped at the back end of last year. I discovered this brand Your Super on Instagram and decided to try their 5 day detox program. All their Organic Superfood products are completely plant based and designed to be paired with smoothies, hearty salads, and soups. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it was the reset I needed to get motivated again about what foods I am putting into my body. I plan to continue taking the supplements going forward.

Perhaps we’ll all be eating intuitively in the future, who knows. All I know for sure is things can’t stay as they are. How can each of us take more responsibility for the food that we consume? Will you commit to halving your intake of meat? These are questions we need to start asking ourselves as we head into this new decade of great transformation and change. The world and our animals depend on it.

G x

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