Astrology and Personal Growth

I have been following (slightly obsessed with) Numerology for several years now. Like Astrology, and other spiritual sciences I see it as a powerful tool for learning about the self and personal growth.

For me, I really see this life as a journey in personal growth and evolution. I would like get to know myself, not only the character or the façade, but the real me.

It’s no surprise that I have gravitated into coaching as I see it as yet another great tool of drawing out the gold from within. As an empath, I have always been someone people gravitate to for advice. Whether it’s a life long friend, or a complete stranger, I can tune in to what is really going on under the surface, and act as a mirror for what they need to hear, not always what they like to hear might I add.

I am fascinated by what makes people tick. I love the idiosyncrasies of people. It helps me learn a little bit more about myself by questioning another about their life, their thoughts and perspective. This wasn’t always the case might I add. I have definitely clashed with people who have radically different views, especially in my younger days, and it’s something I am continuely working on.

What I have found along the way is that we actually learn so much more in life from the people who have a completely different viewpoints. Take the Facebook algorithm for example; It filters articles and pages by what is of interest to us, which definitely makes for some light entertainment. But does it help us learn or change our opinions? I’m not so sure!

The secret to personal growth is getting honest with yourself, and Astrology is a tool that helps you do that.

I kind of see Astrology in reverse of how it is presented. Rather than seeing the transits like Mercury Retrograde as something that is happening to me, I see them as a mirror or tool for what is happening within and through me.

I believe that Astrology and the signs and the houses in our chart are here to help give us an indication of all the karma, lessons, and experiences we are here to go through in our lifetime. Put another way, astrology shows us what we are here to transcend.

For example as an Aries I know that I have a fiercely independent spirit, and I could happily stay that way for the rest of my days. However what challenges me most is my relationships with others; family, lovers and friends which is a very Libra trait. A part of me is super happy to go it alone and live a life on my terms with no-one to rely on, (Sagittarius Ascendant anyone?) but I know that in a way I’m here to be more Libra in this lifetime.

I have been surrounded by Libras my whole life, and not many of those relationships have ended well, however some of them are rock solid. Libra energy shows me how rewarding it is to cater to another, to commit to partnership, and to be fair at all costs. As uncomfortable as these qualities make me feel, I know that ultimately they are areas I can grow.

Numerology helps you tune into the energy of the year as well as your life.

Numerology wise, what I love is that much like the astrological transits that change each year, we also have a yearly number too. I like the simplicity of Numerology, and I feel it is something that anyone who is new to metaphysics can adopt quite easily.

This year has been all about the number 8 energy for me. It has been quite intense to say the least. The 8 is all about Power, and how that can manifest in your life. This year has not been an easy one for me, heck I think it has been quite difficult for most. What 2019 has taught me is an awareness of how powerful one can be. The potential is huge. Life is really working in our favour, and wants us to have more than we could ever imagine.

Having gone through some real testing times this year I have experienced first-hand the trappings of victimhood, and how that energy only keeps us stuck in states of lack and suffering. I have realised there are so many levels to self-realisation, and they are definitely not linear. It is all in a spiral that winds back up and down depending on what frequency we’re vibrating at.

Life is a never ending spiral, forever changing from one moment to the next.

Simply because life is great right now, doesn’t mean it won’t shift in the future. Likewise if things are tough right now there are better days ahead. There is a peace that comes with the awareness that everything is constantly changing. Sometimes to really know something, we have to experience the opposite energy first, as was the case for me in this number 8 year.

The 8 year is also part of a three year period getting me ready to blast off into a new nine year cycle. The 8 year in Numerology is all about laying the ground work for the next two years, and finding your inner power and authenticity. Next year will be my number 9 year, and in 2021 the start of my number 1 year.

The number 9 year is all about endings and new beginnings. There will be things I’ll be forced to leave behind, more personal growth, and new doors opening to a more authentic life. That sounds scary, and yes it probably is, however I think I have already been forced to face a lot of that energy this year. I am feeling ready to build on more solid ground as we enter this new decade in 2020.

The number 1 year is all about leadership. I think for me this is the year I will really come in to my own alignment with my highest truth, moving forward with my career in a big way. This year will set the tone for the next 9 years so there is a lot of energy supporting new ventures in work, and relationships.

Astrology Coaching in 2020

One of the things I feel really excited about is incorporating Astrology and Numerology into my coaching. For me this feels like a no brainer as it is such a huge part of my daily life. It would give me such enjoyment to assist others in aligning with their highest path, and navigating lessons in karma based on what they chose to experience in this lifetime, which is all carefully mapped out in their chart.

I’d like to add that I am completely self-taught in both these practises. I have always followed my intuition with these things and would love to show you how these tools might be able to open up some new avenues in awareness, and provide you with insight as to why things happen the way they do.

The application window is now open for those who are interested in embarking on an Astrology personal growth journey with me. Feel free to email me via with your reasons why you think astrology coaching is for you. This offer is open to a limited amount. I will be selecting the 3 best candidates 2nd week in January 2020.

Until then, I am wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

G x

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  • I Know Gabrielle through a yoga program in Rishikesh, India. Later, when we got connected I happen to know about her Astrology Consultation. I took the astrology reading from her in the mid of January. 1st thing I would like to appreciate is the Ground work she did for a reading, the ground work shows her knowledge in the astrology. The Session was a great one! I really had some insights on my fear and strengths and especially how to overcome the fear and why I am fearful character, she related with my stars and characteristics of the stars in astrology. We exchanged some great thoughts. I would definitely recommend Gabrielle. And many thanks for sharing the notes at the end of our consultation.

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