My Womb Song

I recently completed an 8 week online course with Shamanic Womb Keeper and Healer Rebecca Wilson. A reconnection with my innate feminine wisdom, a returning to my womb song. Each week I would join around 10 other women on a transformative adventure into the depths of our wombs, unlocking the imprints of the past, and rebirthing a new chapter in our lives.

Across the last two months I have had the opportunity to explore the deepest darkest parts of myself; From my relationship to abundance, toxic masculinity, the feminine shadow, finding my voice, boundary work, and all about the weird wonderful world of Vaginal Steaming and Yoni eggs.

This has been a period of in depth learning and I am so grateful to Rebecca for the wonderful work she does supporting women. She is an absolute Goddess, and I would recommend her to anyone.

We hold the imprint of every past lover in our womb space.

My biggest take out, has been the discovery that our wombs carry absolutely everything from our lives. Our whole story, every memory, trauma, ancestral pattern is all imprinted within our womb space. Old beliefs, and also our personal experiences have caused our wombs to distort and change vibrational frequency over time.

By working at an energetic level we were able to get to the root of the things that have controlled our life for too long.

Personally, as I integrate everything I have learnt, I feel as if i’m having a sort of death/ rebirth. Spending 15 years on the contraceptive pill had left me completely disconnected from my natural rhythm and flow.

Through this work I feel a deep connection to my body for the first time, as if going through a mini puberty in a way, I have learnt to listen to the voice of my womb, and to hear her song. I have realised that my womb, like an entity is in charge of my life. It is she that calls the shots. It is she that attracts many of my experiences into my life. I have gained a new found respect for the power we, as women, hold within our bodies.

Looking back on the journey as I integrate all that has unfolded, with this fantastic group or fierce and inspiring women, I can identify several shifts in my life;

  • My relationship with family has improved, especially with my Mum. I finally feel able to express my feelings detached from an emotional charge. This is huge for me, and I now feel more in alignment with my true self expression.
  • I have been opening up to my creativity again, something I have very much neglected these last few years. I was always playing music as a child, and it is something I continue to enjoy. This process has helped me reawaken that passion again. I’m so excited to see where it takes me. Opening up my singing voice has been a huge part of this journey for me too. Watch this space, I’m sure I’ll be bringing my drum along to a circle or event near you soon.
  • I have been exploring dating. Having been so focused on work for the majority of the year, it feels great to be meeting new people, and start some awesome connections.
  • It feels as if I have really finally closed a door to my past. The transformation this last few year has been huge, but the growth this year has been massive. As Rebecca says, the work is never over.
  • I’m finally learning about who I really am, my authentic self without all the baggage and the stories of the past.

G x

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