Therapy vs Coaching

For several years I was torn about whether to train in psychotherapy or coaching. I talked it through with established Psychotherapists, and asking the opinion of friends of practising coaches too. I wanted a tool to support people through communication, but wanted to understand the pros and cons of therapy vs coaching.

The main reason I decided on coaching in the end was because coaching focuses on the positive. What I have learned from my own life experience is that it is near impossible to shift from a negative headspace while still focusing on all the bad stuff (or what I deemed to be bad). That’s not to say we have to ignore the bad in our lives, as this becomes another trap. For me this is more about looking for the positives in every situation, or thinking of solutions out of the current situation rather than remaining stuck, or shutting down in overwhelm.

We all have a past, but do we have to let it define us?

I can definitely see the benefit of both practises. Therapy wise – In terms of unlocking trauma, and revisiting the past there is nothing better. We as people have a great knack of blocking out and wiping traumatic incidents from our memory. Many of us have no clue what is leading us subconsciously, which bad habits we have agreed to, or what limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves.

95% of our brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness

What I love about coaching is that it looks at the present moment and determines where you can go from here. I think in the long term this serves us so much more than therapy ever can, because it is assisting in finding a way out. A solution. It can pick apart limiting beliefs by looking at the positive opposite.

Of course there are so any levels to this. If you are suffering from severe mental illness, then of course seek professional medical advice. I totally support this. What I do not believe is that people need to spend years and years in therapy to go over things that have happened decades ago. There are other tools available for us to explore including; Breathwork and plant medicines like Ayahuasca for example.

As we raise in vibrational frequency we are quite literally erasing our past memories of anything that is not in resonance with our highest vibration of light and love. If people are able to find the way through their darkness and trauma they will literally transform their life story. Everything after all is about perception. We can re-write our whole life story.

Challenges and setbacks are a huge opportunity for growth.

We live in hope that all of us will reach a stage in our evolution where we can take our challenges and see them as a gift, a blessing, an opportunity for our soul to grow. Yes it still might hurt like hell, but ultimately don’t most of us look back on everything we have been through in life (even the worse of times) and know that it led to something better?

Sometimes we just need the tools to make the change.

Coaching can help us to unlock them from within. A coach doesn’t impart pearls of wisdom to their client, they draw out all the gold from within. This means that the client is more than likely to proactively pursue their goals, and that they are also more likely to hold themselves accountable for taking the necessary steps towards change.

It brings me so much enjoyment to hear about the shifts my clients have been making in their lives after a series of sessions. Sometimes even the smallest changes can equate to the biggest impact in our lives.

Why not try a coaching session with me. Email me on to find out more about booking a one to one session or a series of sessions over a period of time.

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