The Blue Tent

I was recently called to set up a new online coaching platform for men called The Blue Tent. Taking inspiration from the concept of The Red Tent where women have gathered for hundreds of years to connect, share wisdom, and support one another.

For several years there have been a plethora of women’s circles, and gatherings inspired to empower women in this dawning of a new age. I have benefited hugely from this work, and now feel called to support men in their own unfolding.

It is wonderful to see the rise of emerging mens circles over the last 6 months. This work is so needed and I have 100% admiration for the men who have stepped up to facilitate this work.

However I don’t think we can sort out the world’s problems if we remain in separate camps. We need to come together, to join forces, to support one another. This is why I feel called to provide this support for men too.

The healing of this planet is a united effort.

As a civilisation we are now moving away from the age of Patriarchy. We are reconnecting with the Feminine, the Goddess aspect within us all. This is a remembering of who we all are at our core.

Spiritually we are coming home to ourselves. This is not about creating a Matriarchal society, but one united in both Masculine and Feminine energies to reflect both the Masculine and Feminine energy within both men and women alike.

I want to be there to hold space for men to open up and share what they are experiencing at this time. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend, or family member they can turn to in times of need. Often this means that people carry their burdens alone, drowning under the pressures of work, life and relationship problems.

I don’t believe it is fair for anyone to suffer in silence. Women are so lucky, we have other women to confide in, but what about men? In a culture where many parents are still raising their boys to man up. Or a corporate industry where we’re taught that emotions are a sign of weakness, or a disposable dating market where people feel unsure whether to open their heart and to express themselves vulnerably for fear of being rejected.

Lack of self expression leads to dis-ease

We are not robots, and in the age of AI, it is of most important that we reconnect with our tribe and community to embrace with our humanness. Yes there are differences between men and women, but deep down we all want the same things in life; love and connection. We all want to be accepted as we are. And yet many of us, both men and women alike struggle to lay down our walls and be our authentic selves.

I am hoping The Blue Tent will provide men with a space to share what is happening in their world in complete confidence. This a platform to off load and get things off your chest.

If you’re interested in booking either a 30 minute or 1 hour online session with me, please email me on Now taking bookings throughout August.

I really looking forward to working with many of you in the near future.

G x

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