The Path To Union

The year is 2019, and the world as we know it is in a state of suffering. Close to extinction, Humanity is completely disconnected from the world at large. We are not in union, but separation.

The World is in desperate need of change, and it is down to each and every one of us to step up and be the change we’d like to see. Everyone has their individual part to play. Now is the time, because there is no time left to waste. Science says we have 10 years!

Those of us who have heard the call are on a transformational journey right now. We are the frontrunners paving the way, walking the path that will re-unite us with the parts that were broken or fragmented long ago. I like to think of this spiritual journey as the path to union.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. AS The Universe, So The Soul.

We only have to look to nature and the universe to heed the messages of our soul. Like the sun we have been too dazzled with the realm of the 5 senses, becoming distracted from our true purpose. Patriarchy has brought many great things to our lives, but it has also brought famine and war. We have become a self centred race, obsessed with our image and identity. Obsessed with money and growth. We have forgotten the feminine aspect of ourselves. Take this heat wave in London for example and you’ll notice people’s blood starting to boil. There anger in our veins and some are just waiting to lash out.

Humans are happy to waste precious food, while others starve. We are content for others to lose if for our own gain.

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that we are all intrinsically connected. The truth that if one person suffers, we do too has been totally hidden behind a veil of lies.

The Sun represents our masculine energy within.

It is our get up and go, our drive, courage and confidence. The Sun is our life force, it is the energy that loves to take action and reach success. Our Masculine in balance provides us with our self-expression and the ability to communicate with logic. Negatively aspected it can lead to states of aggression and violence. Too much masculine is not in harmony with our divine nature. Likewise the same with too much feminine energy.

The Earth represents the feminine energy within.

The Earth is warm, nurturing, dark and safe. It is the place we retreat for rest and recovery. The Earth provides us with everything we need. She is our fertile Mother; Our loving, caring, and vulnerable state. When in balance we are grounded, calm and in flow. Life happens for us and not too us.

The Moon is the skyward representation of Earth and the waters within us all.

As if we needed further reminder, even the sky has the representation of the Feminine aspect of ourselves. Everything is in pairs. There is a duality in all things. The light and dark, The Sun and Moon, The Earth and Sky, Ying and Yang, Masculine and Feminine.

For many years we have been scared of the dark, fearful to reconnect with the feminine aspect within. Gender is a social construct. We all have both energies within us and it is about bringing them both into a state of balance, or Union to put it another way.

To help many of us along the way, some of us (myself included) have been meeting our Divine Counterparts at this time, to help mirror all the aspects of our soul we are disconnected from. Many term this the Twinflame relationship.

The Twinflame Journey is one of Union

Over the last few years I have read countless texts on Twinflames, and all the material states the same thing. It is always ultimately about Union, but not in the way you think.

When I met my Twinflame in the physical last Summer I was focused on the literal idea of Union, and this caused me a lot of pain. Fast forward to today and I have come to realise that it has nothing to do with romance, and is more about the Union within. A coming home to the masculine and feminine aspects of myself. In this I have found true freedom.

The word for Yoga means Union

It doesn’t take long to start seeing a pattern forming in the writings of various teachings, and the wisdom of many sages, mystics, and spiritual leaders throughout history. Everything links back to this concept of the path to Union – A Union with God.

Union is our only goal.

The inner alchemical marriage many Gnostics called the Hieros Gamos or sacred marriage is a joining of our three parts; The masculine, the feminine and God (The mind, the body and the soul). When humanity has come back into balance only then will the world be healed. It is an internal job, not an external one.

Just like a child that runs to its mother after a fall, this is what humanity is being called to do at this time. Mother Earth will comfort us. Only she can love us back to health. She is waiting with arms wide open. She loves us all unconditionally. All is already forgiven. It’s how we move forward altogether now, much stronger than we can ever be apart.

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.

Many people call it the rainbow bridge. It is our passage to freedom. Many of us are waiting on this bridge right now, to help others find their way. This is why so many of us are here at this time, to help show our brothers and sisters the way home.

It is one of the reasons I became a Life Coach, as aside from the events I do, I believe one to one coaching is such a powerful tool for change. If you are feeling lost right now, or disconnected from your inner truth then feel free to message me anytime.

Coaching is a great tool to help us navigate ourselves out of the holes we find ourselves in. If you feel it might be time to level up, but you’re feeling scared don’t worry, I am here to support you. The path to union doesn’t have to be done in isolation.

Drop me a message via or find me on Instagram @GabriellaWeekes and @SpiritChildOfTheMoon.

G x

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