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On Tuesday night, following the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse, we entered a portal period on the Lunar Nodal axis points of Cancer (the sign of the Mother and the home), and Capricorn (the sign of the Father and work) for the next couple of weeks.

The Lunar Nodes are the intersection where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Sun’s path. The Nodes are energetic vortices that take on the astrological energies of the sign in which they are positioned. There is a South and a North Lunar Node. The North Node represents the present, and the South Node represents the past or our Karmic lessons. So depending on what sign is in which placement, you get a feeling for the energy or tone of the next year and a half (18 month transit).

The Lunar Nodes can provide an indication what our mission is in our lifetime.

As mentioned above, the Lunar Nodes this year are in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is in the North Nodal position and shows the direction we are moving towards as a collective right now, and the South Node is in its direct opposite sign of Capricorn giving an indication of what we are moving away from.

You could argue that we are moving into a period of the Feminine. The Divine Feminine Rising if you will. A return to self love. A moving away from the old established Patriarchal order (think government and financial institutions) that we find in Capricorn.

Many of us are experiencing huge shifts in our level of awareness right now. These shifts are helping us navigate all the intense energies to our advantage. For many of us it is a time to say goodbye to the hardship and lessons of recent months.

This Eclipse portal is an opening up. An opportunity for many to leave their old outdated beliefs, and repeated cycles behind.

If we choose to stay stuck, the Eclispe Portal will likely bring you more of the same life experiences to work through. If you commit to staying grounded and present, it will likely bring big chances to level up.

Depending where the Cancer/ Capricorn signs sit on your Astrological chart, will give you an indication of how these transits will be affecting you. Generally speaking Cancer will rule house and home. For me however this is playing out in my intimate relationships.

One door is closing while another is opening.

This is the first Eclipse portal in a number of years where I am starting to experience the manifestation of my dreams. I have had a tough couple of years, and it now feels I’m ready to reap the rewards for my commitment to the process. I feel ready to move forward in my power. The last few days has been testament to this, and i’m feeling really proud of myself. I have come a long way, and all the hard work is paying off.

This Eclipse portal will continue right up until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th. It is a great time to get out into nature, and to meditate. Try not to take on too much at this time, and let whatever comes up flow through you.

G x

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