New Moon in Gemini

Monday the 3rd of June sees a New Moon in Gemini, marking the start of a very sociable and communicative period.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins giving us an understanding of the dual aspect of our character. Ruled by Mercury the planet of Communication Gemini’s are definitely the wordsmiths of the zodiac. Ruled by the Mind, Gemini’s are super energetic quick witted folk . They can see always the other side to things and use both their intellect and intuition in equal measure to guide them on their path.

I always love Gemini season. It is a reminder to get out there and connect with people, to learn something new, and experience a variety of new things. Needless to say since the Sun moved into Gemini last week I have been really busy – attending house parties with new friends, spending more time going to yoga and the gym, starting a new Shamanic course, and planning several events. Anything to do with community and connection is right up Gemini’s street, and will very much be the theme for this lunar transit.

Gemini’s are prone to gossip

The shadow side of this energy is the need to gossip and bicker. When we speak we are casting spells out into the Universe, either about ourselves or other people. Rather than getting sucked in to other’s drama, or to pass judgment, we ultimately have to come to a place of peace and balance within.

Only when we come to a place of love for ourselves can we truly love another. If we are gossiping we are not in alignment with our true self. We are focusing on the external, when really the lesson is to look inwards and try and understand why another person’s behaviour is affecting you.

Communication is key

This New Moon in Gemini is going to give us a great opportunity to speak our truth. Perhaps there is something you have been keen to communicate for quite some time, but something has felt off.

Perhaps you have been letting your Ego (Mind) run the show, or maybe you have been ignoring your intuition which it has led to hard lessons about boundaries, and giving your power away. Either way now is a huge opportunity to come back into balance.

People often misunderstood the power of good communication. Verbal interaction only makes up 5% of all communication. It is in this Non-Verbal space that the real magic happens. Sometimes the most powerful way to get your point across, or to offer help to another, is to simply listen to what they have to say.

When we truly listen to another person, really hear them, we not only build trust, we actually create a space for learning. If we only use the pauses in between conversation to think of what to say next instead of really tuning in to what the other person is saying, then how can we develop as a person. How can we grow?

If you’d like to dive a bit deeper into what this transit means for you and your personal chart, why not join me and my dear sister and Astrologer @VenusAndVesta for an afternoon of Moon Magic this coming Saturday in North London between 12pm-4pm for a circle gathering connecting with the New Moon in Gemini, intention setting, guided meditation, Shamanic Drum journeying, and a sacred tobacco ritual.

Tickets can be found on .

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