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I have recently completed a qualification in Life Coaching. This is another completely new chapter for me, and one more level of the mountain climbed. A career in life coaching brings me one step closer to my vision of running my own healing centres one day.

I have been fortunate enough to attend a wide variety of different retreats over the last few years. From medicine ceremonies, to yoga and meditation holidays I often feel that proper integration is an are that is often overlooked. I believe there is a missed opportunity in giving people the tools to go back out into the real world. Armed with the understanding that we all have everything we need inside of us.

My coaching skills will play a huge part in how I structure my own retreats, and ultimately the programme I create for the healing centres in the future.

I am now open for business taking one to one coaching sessions in London, or digitally via Zoom if you are based internationally. I highly recommend booking a series of sessions so you can better track your progress over a period of months.

It takes 6 weeks to break a habit, and another 6 to learn a new one. Coaching very much follows this model to create real lasting change in your life.

Please email to enquire for more details.

G x

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