Divine Masculine Rising

I have been feeling the call for some days now to write a post about the Divine Masculine. So brothers this one is for you. Feminines our masculines need us at this time. The Divine Masculine is rising, and it is as painful if not more scary than we have experienced ourselves.

For some time now the Divine Feminine has been facing her demons and the darkest parts of herself, her shadow aspect, but now things have shifted. Where the 333 portal showed her where she needed to set her boundaries, the first few months of the year have taught her the hard lesson in going it alone, and rising in her own individuality. This has not been easy by no stretch of the word, but who she is today is someone who is unstoppable. Now it is the masculine’s turn.

For thousands of years the Masculine has had to keep his power under wraps, taught to step in line and follow orders. That was the way of the system, that was the way it all worked. Locking out our emotions was an essential part of life. It was weak to feel. How wrong this all was. How fooled we all were. Now it is time to rise.

The Divine Masculine is in a process of cracking open, submerged in the depths of emotions so unfamiliar to him. He is drowning, but swim to the surface he must. Safe in the knowledge that the Divine Feminine will meet him at the top, out on the waters edge, for she has been diving deep for a while now. She knows how to reach the shallows. She is balanced once more. The Masculine is not used to this. He is fearful. To be vulnerable, to allow himself to face himself if to fear destruction. When in reality this will lead to his liberation.

Many masculines are not only purging for themselves, but the collective wound too, of all the men who have come before them. Those who have suffered in silence. For those who suffer still.

Now is the time to rise and step into your power.

No more passive masculinity. Feel your truth, speak your truth. This is the only way out. Show yourself the love you have always wanted and deserved. You are perfect, and wonderful, whole and strong. We are here to support you dear Masculine. Whenever you are ready we will open our arms to you. However much of this you must go through alone, just as we have for so long.

Face the depths, dive deep into your subconscious. Trust yourself. You are not going crazy, this part of the journey. Part of the path to Ascension. Many of us Feminines are coming out the other side. We are waiting on the bridge, for you to meet us there. And meet us there you shall, all in divine timing beloved.

Feminines now is the time to take extra special care of the men in your life. They need our love and support at this time. Many are afraid to express what is happening to them. Please understand they will be so grateful for your affection and care, even if they struggle to let you know.

G x

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