Venus in Pisces

Venus the planet of love and beauty moved into the sign of Pisces this week until the 20th of April. As a Venus in Pisces myself I really felt the call to express my stance on this dreamy and emotional transit.

Venus in Pisces is a time for boundless, unconditional, ethereal love.

Love as escapism also rings true. With my Venus in the sign of fishes I tend to see the full potential in people, which is such a beautiful quality in many ways, however what I have found throughout my romantic life is that people are not able to live up to that potential as there is so much other stuff that gets in the way. From their past hurts, trauma, and just general bullshit.

I have a tendency to only see the best in people, because ultimately that is the truth of who they’re at their core. Sadly so many people are not ready to see the best in themselves.

I have a love that runs so deep. I love people fully and completely, but what I’m learning is that boundary setting, and allowing myself to receive is also just as important as my desire to give.

Venus in Pisces loves deep.

In Pisces we can be the victim for love lost, or sacrifice our own happiness for that of those we love. Often it is a very shy kind of love, not easily expressed in words. It is a magical, deep love. One that has the power to heal those it comes in to contact with. It can also lead to much disillusionment when your dreams or fantasies don’t quite work out the way you had hoped.

It is my birthday tomorrow. I feel like this transit happened at exactly the right time. I’m learning year after year what is acceptable in love, and what is not. I do dream of a happy ever after with someone, but I’m also learning more about what I deserve in return. There has to a balance of both.

This transit can be a time of great romance, so keep your hearts open, and your gaze towards the ocean. You never know what will float in over the coming four weeks.

G x

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