Aries Season

I have been taking a bit of time to integrate all of the Equinox energies this last week, feeling into the shifts and changes as we close out, what for me, was a really tough winter. Much like nature, a part of me died this January and Feb. There was so much of my old self that I had to let go of. In many ways It feels like I didn’t have a choice. Finally though there is light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of Spring and the beginning of Aries Season, marking the start of a new cycle in 2019.

Aries is the sign of courage

As an Aries myself, March 20th always marks the sign for a sort of rebirth for me. Not only is it the start of astrological new year, it is always a period where I come back to myself. I feel energised, motivatedĀ  and ready for adventure again. The weeks leading up to this time are often the most challenging for me. I feel like retreating inwards, spending time in solitude and resting. For me Pisces season feels like my year end. I’m exhausted and feel in a bit of funk, not quite myself.

Aries Season is a time for initiating and taking action. Just as the first seeds sprout through the earth in Spring, and as the cherry blossom trees shines their magic on us all, so too does the sign of the Ram inspire us to get up and go, no matter the obstacles ahead.

For me something has truly shifted in my life in the last week. An old chapter has closed out. I don’t quite know where I am heading, but in true Aries fashion I’m stepping forward regardless. Walking through doors that are opening before me, and releasing ideas of how I thought things should be.

Aries Season helps us all connect with our inner will-power. We might be 5 steps away from where we want to be, but through sheer persistence and determination we will get there in the end.

This time of year can gives us a tendency towards impulsiveness, impatience and having a short temper. This was no doubt heightened this week by the Libra Super Full Moon highlighting relationships of all kinds. With Mercury still retrograde until the 28th of March next week, you might have reason to bite your tongue.

Aries Season is a great time for starting projects.

Whether things got delayed by the winter lull, or you’ve had some ideas germinating for a period of time, now is the perfect time to get things off the ground. Utilising the energy of the Ram to bash through any obstacles that are in the way can put you on the road to success. You just have to remember not to steamroll people in the process.

How to get the most out of this transit?

Take the time to ground, and connect to nature at this time. Why not give your house a spring clean to remove the old stagnant energy from your home. It is amazing how lighter and freer you feel after decluttering your space, making space for the new. Get creative and start a new hobby or class. Do something you have always wanted to do.

Let your hair down and have some fun.

G x

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