Pisces Power

There is so much happening in the cosmos this week we’re in for some huge shifts. Get ready for some serious Pisces Power over the next two weeks.

Pisces is very much a ruler of intuition and emotions.

First up we have Mercury the planet of communication tracking backwards through the sign of the Pisces today at 29 degrees until the 28th of March. Mercury is also conjunct Neptune in Pisces asking us to revisit friendships, relationships and projects of the past from a much deeper subconscious level. Then, tomorrow March 6th, we have a powerful New Moon in Pisces opening ourselves up to the magic of the Universe.

If we’ve been feeling at a stalemate of late, this New Moon can mark the start of some big changes in our lives. We’ve had so many shifts and lessons since 2018, and now it is almost time to reap the rewards of all we’ve sown. As long as we can flow with the current of these changes, we’ll be in a much better place once Aries season starts late March.

If that’s not all, Uranus the planet of freedom, and enlightenment will be shifting signs into Taurus for the next 7 years on the very same day just to heighten the intensity. This is one of the biggest transits of 2019 so get ready.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is all about wrapping things up, and preparing for new beginnings. When Mercury back tracks into Pisces right at the end of its transit as its doing now, we’re being asked to look at our unfinished business from another perspective.

In doing this work, we are creating stronger boundaries for ourselves. We are not only stepping into a more powerful space, we’ll be doing the final ground work before the new astrological year, which coincides with the Spring Equinox on the 21st of March.

If you feel overly emotional or sensitive during this transit fear not. Peace will come from trusting the process. Let it all flow. A bright new day is on it’s way with the Aries Sun.

G x


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