I have recently started working with a daily ritual practise, and have noticed huge shifts in my attitude towards life. Allowing myself the opportunity to connect to the divine is something we should all make more time for.

The last few months have been super tough for me, but through the magic of ritual I have been able to connect to my truth and heart space throughout some of my darkest moments.

Connection and communication with the divine helps open you up to new and unexplored knowledge and wisdom.

Whether it be via working with the New and Full Moon energies each month, pulling Oracle cards, or working with sacred plants like Ceremonial Cacao or Rapéh Tobacco I’m able to feel more connected to my own inner Universe.

Sometimes when life gets tough we need to turn to God/ a higher power. Whether that’s directly through prayer or some other form of sacred practise. We don’t always have control over a situation, and need to understand that there is a force much larger than us at play.

Often the things blocking us in life are all based on illusions and fears in our head, but also it can re-direction onto a more authentic path.

Through the art of ritual we can address some of these blocks head on, and hand them over to the divine.

I like to set an intention before a ritual of any kind, so there is some structure or objective from the offset. Whether that be to release something out into the cosmos, or to gain clarity. You will be surprised at some of the realisations you have in the days that follow.

We have a powerful New Moon in Pisces taking place later this week, so why not give it a go. Light a candle and meditate on what you’d like to call in over the next two weeks. Somewhere in the region of 5-10 wishes work best. Then you could finish by burning your wishes in the flame, or creating a little alter to place your wishes for safe keeping. Whatever works best for you. Feel free to get creative.

Sometimes we all need a little more magic in our lives.

G x



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