Ever since I was a little girl I have always been connected to entities and spirits. I couldn’t see them as such, it was more of a feeling of their presence around me. This ability has followed me right through into adulthood. Despite this, it wasn’t until last year that I realised this is a gift of mine is part of a higher calling.

As a child I had no idea why these entities were around me. Some of them good and some of them bad. For the latter, I had no idea that there are tools available to protect myself. In fact It was only recently I have learned that through our intent alone we can protect ourselves from harm. Something I wish I’d known all those years ago as a terrified little girl.

Entity possession is no joke

Often times these souls want to continue living out their sordid twisted fantasies through the human vessels they possess. Whether this be to drain our life force energy, or to deviate us away from the right path this energy is designed to create fear and havoc in our lives.

Sadly, and in my case, it tends to be the naive light workers out there who fall victim to their attacks. This is only out of a sheer lack of understanding than anything else. The more work you do on yourself to raise your vibration and increase your light, the more attractive you become to energy that feeds itself on your light. Eventually though your vibration will rise too high, and all negative energy will just fall away.

Protecting yourself is key

As I have learned about the importance of protecting myself via bubbles of light, I am experiencing these energies less and less. The one area where they still target me is in my dream state.

A lot of what happens in a nightmare is actually taking place in another dimension of time. Below is an example of what I experienced only a few months ago which confirmed for me that some astral energy had entered my consciousness during sleep to take control of my dreams.

Something was amiss in this particular dream as it was not like any other dreams I’d ever had before. There was something particularly dark and twisted about it. I was in a church, and there was a little girl there who was being groomed by a ghastly figure. In my dream I questioned why on earth was I witnessing this. I think the disturbance in my consciousness must have snapped me awake as I immediately woke up with a jolt. Instantly I heard the most horrific growling sound and sucking sensation. This sound was not of me, but of something physically leaving my body as soon as I awoke.

I had been in the midst of an energy healing course that week, where we were actively discussing entities, so I wonder whether I attracted it to me unconsciously. Either way it meant I was in a position to call it out as soon as it happened. It felt like I had been invaded, and knew with every cell of my body that something had been forced to leave my body at the moment I woke up. Intuitively I started protecting myself before bed for quite a few weeks until I felt comfortable enough that it wasn’t going to happen again.

Everything is energy

As an energy healer we’re always being exposed to all sorts of different energies, both good and bad. It is essential for us to protect ourselves from harm. There are many tools available for us to do this.

Even if you see things through a different lens, and don’t believe in entities or spirits, ultimately it is all the same. It is all energy. Whether you label it sickness, mental health, negative energy or an entity is irrelevant. It is something that is not of us that is causing an imbalance.Ā At the extreme end of the spectrum this energy can make you behave and think differently to how you would normally do. This is when the alarm bells start ringing. Often this can start a spiral of self loathing, as we feel ashamed of our behaviour without realising that this feeds that negative energy even more and helps to increase the problem.

Healing is key

What I’ve come to understand is that ultimately just like us entities often just want love. There are millions of lost souls in other dimensions who are desperately trying to fulfil their missions, but they’re trapped. They try to use our human vessels in order to do this, but often times this is to our own detriment or against our free will.

It takes a lot of work on our part to ensure we are fully protected from harm.

If you feel you have been victim to, or are currently victim of some negative energy and would like some advice, feel free to email me on admin@spiritchildofthemoon.com where we can discuss a number of options.

G x

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