Raising Vibrations

2018 has been intense! A lot of what I’d deemed to be acceptable behaviour within myself these past few years has come up for review. I’ve had to question my whole identity. It’s becoming apparent this year that it’s essential for me to keep raising my vibration and shift out of my old outdated belief system. 

Level Up

Not only did my own personal experiences lead me to look deep within myself this year, but also the collective have been going through it too. Even at an astrological planetary level (with all the numerous retrogrades) we were all being tasked to face our shit. We’re literally levelling up into a higher vibration, and there’s no going back, but then why would we want to?

It’s the first time in my life, where I have witnessed most of my circle of friends going through tough times all in unison. Although the circumstances are all very different, at the root it we have all been on a journey of deep inner excavation. For many of us we can’t take this stuff with us into next year.

The Purge

When you’re In the midst of what I like to call the purging process it can feel like your drowning. That nothing makes sense any more. That you don’t recognise yourself, nor do you even know what direction you’re going in. Ultimately the light at the end of the tunnel is that this process is temporary. It is an essential part to the ascension process, which is completely different for everyone. The more density you carry the more intense it is going to feel. The more work you put into it the faster the transition.

None of us are going to evolve with all this outdated 3D heavy density energy still in our systems. And by density I mean pain. All the suffering from this life and beyond needs to be cleared one way or another. We need to make room for more light, and the only way for that to happen is by going through all the hurt, and fear that is buried deep in our bodies and DNA.

One of the key signs your vibration is rising is when your old reality no longer resonates in the same way. Groups of friends we were once close to no longer seem to click with us. It’s not that any love is lost, it’s like you don’t even recognise each other anymore. This can feel uncomfortable at times, and you may even feel the call to isolate yourself a little bit, especially when you’re in the process of trying to integrate all you’re learnings. It’s like the in between phase before you find balance at your new level of consciousness. Another sign that your vibrating higher is that things you used to really enjoy will no longer appeal. I talk a bit more about this in my recent post on alcohol and ascension.

A New Dawn

The good news is that once you really commit to doing the work, everything starts to change along with you.  You meet new friends and acquaintances who are more aligned with who you are becoming. The things that used to trigger no longer affect you in the same way. The synchronicities are through the roof. It’s truly amazing to experience.

So as we approach the final day of this momentous and at often times brutal year, I look towards the horizon in anticipation of the new dawn. Something feels different. I feel brand new. My vibration is high, and I’m ready to embrace what’s next.

Happy New Year Everyone.

G x

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