The Traps Of Mission Work

As I edge closer to discovering my mission in this lifetime, my external reality appears to be having the reverse effect. It is as if I’m taking one step closer, and then two steps back. I’ve discovered that there are several traps and tests along the way to remembering your mission work. Hopefully some of these will be of help to you.

Anything that is not in alignment with your mission comes up for review

Yes we’re nearly out of all the crazy retrogrades of 2018, but with Mercury now backtracking the sign of Scorpio, until Thursday the 6th, there is further need to review the path you’re on and make further adjustments.

For me it feels like much of my old life is falling away. Who I knew myself to be no longer resonates anymore.

As I understand it, anything that doesn’t match my mission is being forced out of my life, so I can fully step into 2019 fully on track. It’s like old me has to stay in 2018, and this feels really uncomfortable.

It is fear and a desire to control that causes the most pain

As jobs, people, and money start to leave my life, I find myself immediately getting into action mode, which actually defeats the purpose.

We only ever have today, and worrying about the future is futile. We are always supported in the now, and though it doesn’t feel like there is much on the horizon right now, my intuition is telling me otherwise.

It’s my ego’s need to control the situation that is making matters worse. Frantically applying for jobs, or needlessly stressing is a complete waste of my energy. Energy that could be better spent on using this opportunity to work out what I really want to do.

Man Plans, and God Laughs

I think this is one of my life long lessons. As an Aries its something I really struggle with. I clearly chose the most control freak sign to help me release my sense of control over and over again.

The worst part about it is in my heart I know that everything is as it should be, however despite this I still have my doubts. My mind is running on overdrive – perhaps i’m not doing enough, or perhaps i’m doing it all wrong.

The inner critic never stops if given the opportunity.  At some point we all have to make a conscious decision to stop feeding it.

Once I commit to facing my fears, and surrendering to the outcome I’ll be well on my way to freedom.

True liberation doesn’t mean I won’t have bad days, we’re only human after all

It’s more about recognising when I experience the good, and allowing myself to really enjoy it. Those days when my vibration is so high that my entire reality becomes a magical existence.

Yesterday I had one of those days,. Everything was in flow, and I was in a state of peace.  And although 24 hours later everything feels different, I know that this too shall pass.

Those glimpses are what keep me on track. It is all worth it when you finally believe that what you want is truly within reach. I’m so close now I can almost taste it. I just have to get out my own way. This is the final trial before the triumph!

My mantra for December:

I relinquish all control to the divine. 

G x

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