Jupiter in Sagittarius

On the 8th of November 2018, Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth transits from the sign of Scorpio, where it has spent the last 13 months, into the fire sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter is very much at home in this sign, and should feel like a breath of fresh air, compared to all the earth and water energy that has been surrounding us lately, with all these heavy retrogrades.

There are so many cosmic shifts taking place right now. With Venus retrograde moving through Scorpio in October, and the sun, and tomorrow’s new moon also in the sign of Scorpio, late October and early November has felt super intense.

It is as if we are being forced out of our comfort zone into the realm of deep soul transformation. This period has been teaching us about our self worth, and is inspiring us to shift to a higher frequency.

It’s about finding our value again, and an empowered version of ourself.

For me, the first Venus Retrograde period in Scorpio was very much centred around facing my demons and inner core wounding. Now that period is over I feel like it’s time for putting a lot of these lessons into practise. What changes can I make to really step into my power now.

Scorpio energy can hurt, not as a form of punishment but as an opportunity for growth and self-mastery.

The last Jupiter transit in Scorpio was also encouraging us to embrace those dark and murky emotions. Releasing any blocks, uncovering secrets, and to start living from that new state of mind. Seeing it all as part of the process.

We are being asked to embrace the darkness for one last time, before we are ready to step into new lighter phase of growth and expansion in the risk taking, adventurous sign of Sagittarius. This transit will be felt most positively by the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. As an aries I’m already feeling excited about what is to unfold.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to encourage us to broaden our horizons through travel, philosophy and cross cultural relating.

Where is it time to expand into new territory? What new skills can we learn to take us to the next level? These are all aspects that will come up for us in the next year. On a global scale religion and the law will also have an overhaul.

The only watch out is to not get too carried away with over confidence. All this fire energy could result in you taking a ‘my way or the highway stance’, which isn’t going to bode well in the long run. Risk taking can be fun, but it is always better to do things in moderation.

To find out how the Jupiter transit will affect you in your sign, check out which astrological house Sagittarius sits in within your chart. This will give you more insight into the areas of luck and expansion over the next 13 months. The transit will end on the 2nd of December 2019, when Jupiter will make it’s move into Capricorn which will shift our focus onto our career and self-discipline.

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