Why I Went Plant Based

As it is world vegan day today, I thought I’d share a little post about my reasons for switching to a plant based diet at the end of last year.

It is all about Vibration

Aside from the endless health benefits associated with switching to a plant based diet, I believe it is so much deeper than that. For me, what we consume does much more than fuel us. From an energetic point of view if you consume foods of a high vibration or with life force energy, you will become that vibration. So with the exact same principle, if we consume suffering or something with very little life force energy, then we will become that vibration too. This theory is much like that of Masaru Emoto and his study of water crystals. And with so much suffering already going on in the world, why on earth do we want to ingest that on a daily basis. Nope It doesn’t make sense to me either, and yet we do it by the billions.

As my consciousness shifted so to did my lifestyle choices

I suddenly understood that all beings are intrinsically connected, not just humans, but animal and plants too. I realised that animals, like us, feel love and experience pain and with so many atrocities happening everyday in the farming industry, I didn’t want to be held responsible for that that kind of suffering.

To many of us turn a blind eye, because meat or dairy is so damn delicious, but at what price. For me however tasty, it is not worth it anymore. And trust me I’m in no way perfect. I have slipped up a handful of times, especially when travelling abroad when I have struggled to find an alternative, yes I have had dairy. I hold my hands up to that. Things are getting easier though, certainly in London I don’t have any difficulty.

Vegan Cycle India

So I’ve been plant based officially for 11 months now, and to show my ongoing commitment to living that lifestyle, I recently signed up to a charity cycle through India in February 2019. I will be cycling in excess of 90km per day through Rajasthan in the North through tiger sanctuaries, and off road.  It is going to be a challenge for sure, but thankfully not one I have to do all alone as I’ll have a little crew of fellow vegans coming along for the ride too.

The cycle is all in aid of the charity Veganuary , and a team of us will be embarking on the trip together to help bring more awareness to the ongoing suffering of animals, and to encourage more people to switch.

Going vegan not only has a host of different health benefits, but it also helps change the world for animals, and improves the environment.

You can show your support by donating to my fund here, where I’ll be positing lots of cycle related content over the coming months as I raise my target of £1k for this worthy cause.

G x

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