Shamanic Energy Healing

Last weekend saw me complete my module one course in Shamanic Energy Healing. I throughly enjoyed training in this sacred practise and cannot wait to get started. I’m currently offering 30 free healing sessions in exchange for feedback while I develop my craft. 

This year has already seen me explore a number of healing modalities as I start to align with the real more authentic me. I’ve realised that living a life in service to others is the direction I’d like to go down, and energy healing is just one of the many avenues for me to develop. The blog is another, as is my podcast, and You Tube channel.

Last month I completed levels one and two of Integrative Quantum Medicine which was really life changing. This shamanic course was about taking the practise to the next level.

Certainly since my return from Peru in July, I’ve felt a deeper connection to medicine work, and shamanic healing in general, so it has been great to take my knowledge further.

I’m growing in confidence and understand so much more about how this can be a tool to help people get out of their own way.

I hope to take this journey to the next level, and join the course on a trip to the Amazon next year to delve a little deeper into the Shamanic Healing path during a month long retreat in April. Let’s see what happens from now until then.

I’m finally learning how to take control of the energy that I let into my space. I’m creating healthy boundaries through this work, and hope to be of some assistance in helping others do the same.

G x

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