Venus Retrograde 2018

This Friday the 5th of October sees Venus the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and money retrograde for a period of six weeks, pushing us to dive deep into our relationships. Venus retrogrades the least out of any of the other planets, so its effects can be felt the most.

Starting its transit in the sign of Scorpio, Venus will actually track back into the sign of Libra on the 1st of November before going direct again on the 15th.

The scorpio energy to start with will likely feel very intense.

The focus is on transformation. There is a sort of all or nothing attitude to scorpio, a sign more commonly associated with the cycles of rebirth and death. This retrograde period is asking us to take a look at the way we relate to others, and make the necessary changes to become a more authentic version of ourselves.

Venus retrograde will force you to look at where you might be giving your power away. Or perhaps there are some unfulfilled burning desires that have yet to be expressed.  Through the sign of scorpio, all these murky, and often uncomfortable feelings will come up for review. Past relationships or people from the past can return for a bit of a do-over, especially if there is some unfinished business to attend to, or repeating patterns that need to be cleared.

The libra energy will shift the focus to partnerships as a whole.

What are your deepest needs and motivations. Is everything balanced and fair?

It is often advised not to start relationships when Venus is retrograde, however I don’t believe anything is so black and white.

This period encourages us to listen to our intuition, as there is a tendency for secrecy. People might not be expressing themselves as openly as normal. The best advice is to not get too carried away in romance, holding off until Venus redirects to make any major decisions.

Venus retrograde is usually not a great time to have any drastic makeovers. Hold off on the plastic surgery to later next month! This transit is also not a good time to ask for a raise, as finances can be delayed. It’s also worth holding off launching personal projects relating to the feminine during this period too.

How best to work with this transit?

Use this time to go inwards and observe what comes up. Rather than reacting, use your intuition as a guide. Venus retrograde can be a period of deep introspection. It can and will feel tough at times, but trust that all the changes are happening for your highest good.

G x

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