My First Experience as a Grid Worker

In light of all these intense Equinox energies I decided I was in need of some much needed r&r. Following the advise of  someone I met at my IQM training, I decided to go and check out a new mediation group in London where they partake in planetary grid work to help raise the vibration of a specific location on earth.

Unlike many other meditation groups I’ve been to, this group also works with high frequency planetary energies. The meditation works by calling in energy and working with crystals to help raise your vibration. You do this so that the energy can work through you to help heal the planet.

The Arcturians

For quite a few months now I have been resonating with a planetary group called the Arcturians. I’ve had several experiences where I’ve channeled information relating to this extra terrestrial group. Since studying IQM I’ve realised that my soul has actually travelled back from the future to be here a this time.

I now believe that many of us have returned to earth at this time to work with the grids of the planet. By working with the grids you help raise the consciousness of the collective.

Of course the first time I channeled this information I was flabbergasted. I’d never heard about the Arcturians and certainly didn’t believe in their existence. However over time I began to understand why they are working with me.  They have actively been guiding me to the events that led up to my attendance at the meditation on Saturday. Along with all the other projects I’m starting, grid work keeps popping up. It feels great to finally be on that path now, even though I’m still learning what it is all about.

Planetary grid work works in a way to raise your vibration high enough to act as a vessel for higher frequency energies to work through you. It often focuses on one particular location or several at a time. This group focuses on the London and the UK specifically, but it does contact to other locations around the world too.

I’m so excited to take this work to the next level.

G x

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