The South Node in Astrology

The South Node in your chart sits directly opposite your North Node. So just as the North Node represents this life time, your South Node in direct opposition represents your past, and all the qualities that come second nature to you.

Depending on where the South Node sign sits in your chart, can indicate how easy or difficult it is going to be to move away from those past life tendencies.

Take my chart for example. My South Node sits in the sign of Sagittarius, however it also falls in same sign in my first house (the ascendant). The first house represents your house of self, and is all about the realisation of one’s ultimate potential. In other words the first house speaks about our personality, and who we will become both internally and externally out into the world. The fact my first house is in conjunction with my South Node makes this a little tricky for me at times, as it is so natural for me to be in my Sagittarius state.

Unlike previous lifetimes where I was the explorer adventurer type, In this life time I need to knuckle down and grow some roots and share my wisdom with people rather than constantly voyaging off into far off distant lands all on my own. I really value my freedom, but at what price.

Past Life Connections

It is worth noting that If you meet someone who has pretty strong aspects to your South Node, it is highly likely that you have had some past life experience with these people. I met someone this Summer who has the exact same Ascendant, North Node and South Node as me, among a host of other planets. There is so much karmic past life stuff involved it is crazy. So pay attention at who crosses your path as you never no whether you’ve got some past life karma to fulfil.

I also have a pretty intense connection to Sagittarius sun sign people in general. One of my best friend’s and soul brother is a Sag. We initially started out in a romantic sense, feeling the intensity of the connection, but soon realised our bond was so much more deeper than that. We’ve since found the right balance of a loving and supporting connection without all the messy emotional stuff getting in the way. When I met him around 3 years ago, I just knew he would always be in my life.

If you want to find out your South Node for yourself, check out my first post on the North Node which breaks down the positions by birth date. I hope you will find both articles really helpful in living out your full potential.

G x

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