The North Node in Astrology

As so many of my friends know, Astrology is one of my biggest passions. I’ve been studying it for a good 16 years now. Back then astrology for me wasn’t much more than reading my daily horoscope in The Metro.  Nowadays, It has become a way of life. Similarly It doesn’t take very long to meet someone who also knows a little bit about their Natal chart.

Whether it is their sun sign, ascendant, or their moon, venus and mars most people have some basic understanding.  But how many of you have heard of their North Node?

The North Node or lunar node is not a planet in your chart, but rather a mathematical point. It sits in direct opposition to the South Node in your chart, indicated by the zodiac sign exactly opposite your North Node.

The North Node represents your mission in this lifetime.

Not a lot of people know how significant the North Node actually is. It basically provides us with an insight into our direction in this life time. What areas we should be focusing on and what lifestyle choices are in resonance with it.

Below is the detail of the North and South Node signs based on your date of birth:

Check the 12 houses of the zodiac.

Once you know your North Node it helps to determine what house of the zodiac it falls under within your natal chart. This can give you a clear indication of what areas you’re going to have to work through in this lifetime.

My North Node falls in the sign of Gemini which is all about communication. I’m supposed to spend this lifetime sharing my truth, building community projects, teaching and listening to people. Me finally stepping into this mission is one of the main reasons I set up SCOTM.

Gemini falls in my seventh house of relationships and partnerships. So my main focus in this lifetime is foster both strong relationships in business but also love. As I explain in more depth in my next article on the South Node in our chart, this is a lot easier said than done.

Challenge yourself to be more like your North Node.

The North Node represents the areas which feel a bit uncomfortable to us. The areas which challenge us, as that is entirely the point. It is all new. We’re not supposed to spend every lifetime doing what we’ve done before. It is time to re-write the wheel and challenge ourselves, as scary as that feels.

So why not look up what you are and start thinking about what qualities you need to nurture and those you need to move away from. It can be a real eye opening discovery.

G x

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