The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

I have recently finished listening to the audio book of ‘The Sophia Code‘ by Kaia Ra. The best way of describing it is as a sort of part self-help/ part spiritual bible, but in a totally different way. This book is unlike any other book I’ve ever read before.  It enables you to make the connection to the inner you. The you in your soul. The forgotten you.

Similarly it is also the perfect read for anyone who is feeling the call to step up in their role as a Lightworker or Wayshower as part of their service to humanity. Some might call it their mission work.

Funnily enough, finishing this title coincided with a series of synchronistic events that led to the own revelation of my mission in this lifetime. There is no way that was a coincidence!

Most importantly I have had so many awesome new opportunities come my way including some paid work and also a couple of collaborative passion projects. I know it is all down to the help of the transmissions in this book, and that awesome Breathpod class I attended last week.

‘The Sophia Code’ is a sacred text.

The book provides an opportunity to reconnect with our inner Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. A joining together of our pure essence, and power.

Each transmission was deeply powerful for me. I had all over body tingles as the codes were activated within my dormant DNA.

A lot of spiritual teachings talk about the term ‘remembering’. I believe that’s what transmissions like these are all about. Because they awaken the cellular memory locked deep inside our being. They are available to each and every one of us who feel ready to receive them.

Amazon describe the book as:

· Reveals and activates the crystalline chromosomes of your divine genome for embodying the sovereignty of your Higher Self.

· Features the heroic life stories and Keycode Initiations of beloved Divine Feminine ­Ascended Masters in their own words, including: Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman.

· Receive directly downloaded Divine Feminine revelations from the Ascended Masters, orders of angels, and Star Nations for embodying your Higher Self.

You can buy your copy here. I recommend the audio book to allow you the benefit of hearing the transmissions. Otherwise you’re likely to miss out the ceremonial aspect to the activations.

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