The Transformative Power of Your Breath

And breathe….

It’s scary how easy it is to actually forget to do this sometimes, at least properly anyway.

So many of us are too tense, stressed, or blocked by emotions, anxiety, and trauma to really and fully let the air in.

And whether these states are unconscious or not, it can have a massive impact our sense of wellbeing, and in some cases could even be limiting our potential.

That is where the work of Stuart Sandeman, the Personal Coach and Founder of Breathpod, comes in.

Described as conscious breathing for optimal health Breathpod is technique that enables you to access the most benefit out of your breathing technique. Many of us think that because we’re breathing from our diaphragm that we’ve got it covered, however in my case I had a block, back up to my chest and heart.

Get out your thoughts and into your heart.

I like to think that I live from my heart space, and from an external point of view I probably do, however from an internal perspective I haven’t been connecting with that part of myself, and therefore missing out on truly uniting with the core of my being. One session was all it took to release me from this tendency.

Every Breathpod session is designed to help:

· Energise and revitalise
· Detoxify & improve your health and wellbeing
· Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system
· Improve mental clarity & focus
· Release anxiety and alleviate depression
· Resolve past trauma and release emotional repression
· Accelerate personal growth and development
· Improve the relationship with yourself and others
· Connect you to your inner wisdom, creativity & awareness

I really loved the event space downstairs at the Hello Love store. It’s a nice size, has great lighting which created a dreamlike atmosphere. Stuart held space for us all perfectly, creating such a safe environment for everyone to delve deep into their practise without feeling self-conscious throughout. He’s also a DJ, so we had an incredible playlist to accompany the session too.

Life Changing Breath work.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in a bit of Kundalini yoga, and tried and failed at the Wim Hof Method, but nothing comes close to my experience at Breathpod. I was completely blown away (no pun intended) by the power of this technique. Not only did I witness a physical shift during the session, I had such an emotional and spiritual response too. The technique reached me on so many levels. I can’t wait to go again, to delve even deeper.

The one and a half hour session (2 hours for beginners) costs £40 with 50% of ticket sales going to support the Hello Beautiful Cancer Foundation, a cause that is close to Stuart’s heart. You can also purchase a 5 class pass for only £100.

Why not book yourself a place at one of the weekly group sessions at Hello Love in Holborn, or connect with Stuart and all his breathing wizardry on Insta via @Breathpod.

G x

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