The Healing Properties of Swimming

As a fire sign, water calm me down, helping to cool my fiery disposition. In the Ayurvedic healing systems I am classified a Pita dosha which also relates to the element of fire and intensity. To remain in balance I need to actively regulate my system with plenty of cold drinks, and cooler foods like cucumber, and watermelon. This aids to keep my inner temperature in check. Another way I regulate the fire within is through a regular swimming practise.

Swim Good.

Aside from the enjoyment factor, swimming is also excellent fitness, helping to maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. For me however it also soothes the soul.

I can’t tell you how good I feel after a long day at the beach floating in the salty surf, or after a quick 60 lengths at my local swimming pool. This summer I paddled in seas, dove into lakes, and dipped in ponds. I couldn’t get enough of that good H2O.

A regular swim is also another facet of my meditation practise. Gliding through a pool early on a Monday morning connects me back to my body setting me up for the week. The physical exertion brings me into my breath. The counting of lengths helps keep me present. And if I need a bit of an additional boost I’ll often recite affirmations in my head with each stroke. Something relatively short tends to work best so you can get a nice little rhythm going.

Like motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein I enjoy affirming mantras to call in a specific energy. Take for example the Tibetan ‘Om mani padme hum‘ which invokes feelings of compassion. Kundalini mantras like ‘Sat nam‘ to help bring calmness to your being. Many of these mantras have a particular frequency around them which when chanted, or recited in our heads, help to change the frequency inside our bodies, and more specifically the water.

We are water.

Humans are made up of around 60% body water, with the brain and heart composed of even more, at around 73%. Not only does the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon effect the water in the sea it effects our bodies too.

In addition our words and thoughts have a massive impact on our internal waters too. Take the late great Japanese author and entrepreneur  Masaru Emoto who proved via the method of analysing frozen water crystals, that our human consciousness has a huge impact on the molecular structure of water. By whispering sweet nothings into the water before freezing, Emoto was able to reshape and repair the damaged molecules following contamination.

This idea that the water we consume has either a positive or negative effect on our being is nothing new. It explains why so many cultures around the world have water blessing rituals, and festivals throughout the year to celebrate this gift of life. For without water, we wouldn’t exist. It gives a new depth of meaning to the term holy water.

So ask yourself the question. How do you give reverence to the spirit of water?

If you don’t already have a ritual or practise, why not treat yourself to some water relaxation by running a warm bath with some Epsom salts. Or how about cheeky spa day with some friends, or perhaps one last pre-Autumn trip to the sea?

Water, water everywhere, how you glisten, without a care

Come let me bask in your cool flow

Heal me, soothe me, wash away my sins

Embracing my heart with your flood

G x


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