Ripe Fruit – The Stigma of Ageing

A friend, and amazing medicine woman put a post online about her imminent birthday recently. It was an absolutely beautiful passage about the passing of time, and how we all desire to leave a legacy for generations to come. She also shared details of many exciting things she has on the horizon.

It’s so wonderful to see so many sistas doing such positive work, and I will forever be in awe and gratitude to her, and many like her for their continued service to Gaia and humanity.

One thing that struck me by her post, was how at approaching 33 she felt she was ageing, and that she is no longer on the forefront of growth. At 34 myself, I feel this is such a premature statement to make by someone who, in my opinion, is an intoxicatingly beautiful young woman.

The Harvest of our Life.

For me our thirties are when a women reaches her prime. Like the harvest of our life where the fruits begin to ripen, and we receive the many gifts of all that has come before. We warm into ourselves, we fill our skin, and finally begin to truly ooze love for ourselves and others.  It is the Mother phase of the Triple Goddess principle – Maiden-Mother-Crone.

Like my friend, I too embrace those Crone wise women days before me, but it is not time yet. Not least for another 20 years.

Yes physically I’m no longer on a trajectory of rapid growth, but internally wowee! I have grown so much more in the last year than I have in the previous decade. Even physically my fruit is at the juicing phase. Ready to bottle and share, because I know how good it tastes. I want to nurture with this fruit of mine. I want to en-richen peoples lives. It is my divinity, and I have waited too damn long to  reconnect with it. My God given beauty, because there has been a separation in us for so long. A disconnect from our divine feminine essence.

Words have power and I hope my friend doesn’t call forth something she needn’t out of a simple acceptance that this is just something that happens. To me it is the same principle as saying, ‘I will die of this disease‘, or of ‘never finding true love‘. If I live by any truth, I better make sure it is one I’m prepared to manifest into existence, because it will manifest. In the words of Buddha;

“What you think you create. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you become”.

At 34 I have no intention of ageing, or slowing down, and please don’t get this confused with looks. I think it is a tragedy that women of a certain age think that cosmetic surgery is the only answer to prevent the inevitable from happening. Whatever we do, or don’t do on the outside, our real beauty always shines through from within.

If I look back to my teens, my friends and I were in our prime. We were blossoming. We didn’t know it then, but our bodies and our beauty was divine. And yet despite this we spent most of our days caked in make up, and skimpy outfits because being ‘sexy’ was beautiful. Fast forward to today not much has changed. Working in fashion i’ve seen so many young girls resorting to facial cosmetic enhancements to fit in with current trends. Yeah cheers Kim and Kylie, thanks for that!

All The likes!

We are constantly looking outside ourselves for approval. What we do on the outside will affect how people will receive us, and how we feel within. Our egos are tied up with that. How many likes, how many swipes. We have all been victim of this. Disconnected from our inner beauty for way too long.

This cycle can continue right through our whole lives, or worse, have it stop to only start up again when we are approaching 50.

There are women in their 60s and even some in their 70s who don’t look a day over 45, and no I’m not talking about the botox and filler brigade. I’m a firm believer it is because they think young, and live happy. Carolyn Myss the author of Anatomy of the Spirit said it best with a patient who thought himself sick because that’s what he understood happens after you hit 60. To me this is insanity!

I’m not aiming to trigger people with this post, nor am I saying women can’t feel empowered with adornments, and a beauty regime. Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you. There are so many wonderful products and services to help enhance the beauty we’ve been given. I don’t think it is necessary to take it to extremes.

We need to realise we have the power to break these limiting beliefs, and shift into new timelines. It’s time to press re-set on these outdated generational narratives and the ideals put upon us by Patriarchy.

It’s time to break free from our cages and fly free. Because who doesn’t love a ripe and juicy peach.

G x

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